The servers of the Japanese Messenger Line were hacked hackers

The servers of the Japanese Messenger Line were hacked: hackers stole the data of 300,000 users

As a result of a cyberattack on a subsidiary, the resources of Japan’s most popular messenger, Line, were hacked. Unknown people have stolen confidential data from hundreds of thousands of users, business partners and company employees.

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Earlier this week, LY Corporation, the application’s operator, informed users whose data was affected by the cyberattack about the incident. The letter said that security forces discovered the break-in on October 17 and that the attack itself likely took place a week earlier, on October 9. To date, there have been no reports of misuse of stolen data.

Unknown persons hacked the Line application through a subsidiary of NAVER, whose employees infected the computer with malware. The hackers managed to steal 440,000 records of personal data, of which at least 300,000 belonged to the application’s users. In particular, data about actions on the call page, data about group call rooms, and information about content publication were stolen from users. The compromised employee data includes their full names, identification numbers and email addresses; Additionally, more than 86,000 partner email addresses were stolen. The contents of messages, banking details and other financial information were not stolen.

“We have not received any reports of secondary harm, including misuse of user and business partner information, but we will continue to investigate and take prompt action if necessary.”the company said in a statement. At the same time, affected users are advised to be careful, as data stolen by attackers can be misused for phishing and fraud attempts. Line Messenger is popular not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries including Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia; The number of monthly active users of the application worldwide is approximately 176 million.


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