The selected flagship Intel Core i9 12900KS appeared in the store

The selected flagship Intel Core i9-12900KS appeared in the store for $780

The range of an unnamed retailer has a select version of the flagship of the Intel Alder Lake desktop family – a 16-core, 24-thread Intel Core i9-12900KS processor. About it informed @momomo_us, a Twitter user who spotted the novelty.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

This processor model was presented at the last CES 2022 show. Unlike the regular Intel Core i9-12900K, the version with the “KS” index is capable of auto-overclocking to a higher frequency of 5.5 GHz on a single core . Previously, a qualifying sample (QS) of this processor was found on the Chinese platform Taobao, where they asked for a whopping $4,700.

The processor revealed by @momomo_us has a significantly lower price of $780-$790 depending on the version. So the chip is about 27% more expensive than a regular Intel Core i9-12900K, according to the same unnamed vendor’s database.

Image source: Twitter / @momomo_us

Image source: Twitter / @momomo_us

Image source: Twitter / @momomo_us

Image source: Twitter / @momomo_us

The retailer also stated that the base TDP of the Intel Core i9-12900KS model is 150W. With a regular Intel Core i9-12900K it is 125 watts.

The appearance of new items in the retailer’s database may indicate that the processor’s official release could happen in the coming weeks.



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