The scariest game ever made just got even scarier with

The scariest game ever made just got even scarier with the announcement of the psycho-horror VR version of MADiSON

Publisher Perp Games and developer from Argentinian studio Bloodious Games (formerly Nosebleed Games) announced MADiSON VR is a first-person VR version of the psychological horror game MADiSON.

    Image Source: Bloody Games

Image Source: Bloody Games

It has been announced that MADiSON VR will be released on PS VR2 later this year. Also in development is an adaptation for PC compatible Virtual Reality Headset. Exactly which one is not yet certain.

According to the head of Bloodious Games Alexis Di Stefano (Alexis Di Stefano), the VR version will take MADiSON to a new level and make it even scarier: “Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience”.

According to the plot, the young man Luka is captured by the demon MADiSON, who forces the hero to participate in a bloody ritual. With the help of a camera, players must connect the world of the living with the other world and find out the terrible truth.

The developers promise exciting gameplay, an exciting story, and a system of random events and changing puzzles that should make each new passage different from the previous one.

    Image Credit: Perp Games

Image Credit: Perp Games

The horror component of MADiSON was recognized when the making of Bloodious Games was recognized as the scariest game of all time, according to a study by British company Broadband Choices.

MADiSON debuted in Summer 2022 on PC (Steam, GOG), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. The game scored on Steam 87% positive feedback of 1.7 thousand, and the rating on Metacritic was from 69 to 75%.

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