The scandal around Gigabyte power supplies is gaining momentum: the company was accused of trade in marriage

The authors of the ExtremeTech edition conducted an investigation and found outthat two models of Gigabyte power supplies with a capacity of 750 and 850 W demonstrate an exorbitant percentage of defects. Other sources refer to this as well. At the same time, Newegg, a major American retailer, was foisting kits that included defective power supplies on customers, which made it possible to collect extensive but sad statistics on the extent of the problem.

Source: extremetech.com

Source: extremetech.com

Initially to the problem drew attention of the authors of the YouTube channel Gamers Nexus, who, during testing of Gigabyte GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies, had a failure rate of 50%. Immediately 5 out of 10 copies of the blocks failed under load, exploding. And earlier about a similar incident reported TechPowerUp, which reviewed the 750-watt Gigabyte GP-P750GM and also witnessed a small explosion.

The situation was aggravated by a large American online store, which forced customers to purchase dubious Gigabyte power supplies in kits. When the global shortage of components affected retailers, the Newegg retailer began to sell the most demanded items, for example, scarce video cards from NVIDIA and AMD, only in sets – for example, with a load in the form of Gigabyte GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies. This led to a wave of customer complaints, who were faced with inoperability, failures and even explosions of these PSU models.

At the moment, the Newegg website has collected about 400 customer reviews and more than half of them are negative with various complaints about defects. But high bounce rates are not the worst problem. Much worse is that a suddenly failed power supply poses a threat to other components of the PC.

At the same time, notes the TechPowerUp publication, Gigabyte, as a manufacturer of defective blocks, ignores problems, not paying enough attention to them. Journalists tried to complain to the company, but in response to an e-mail to the head of the power supply unit, they received only a formal reply that the company conducted additional testing of five power supply samples and did not reveal any irregularities in their work. At the same time, Gigabyte specialists did not even want to receive a faulty copy from the author of the letter for a detailed analysis.

In conclusion, ExtremeTech recommends against purchasing Gigabyte power supplies, as they bring with them potential problems and threaten the performance of all components in the system.


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