The rumored shooter Abandoned isnt canceled but the prologue is

The rumored shooter Abandoned isn’t canceled, but the prologue is once again delayed

The developers of the survival shooter Abandoned from the Dutch Blue Box Game Studios in their official microblog commented current rumors about the state and fate of the game.

    Image Credit: Blue Box Game Studios

Image Credit: Blue Box Game Studios

Recently modder Lance McDonald (Lance McDonald) noticedthat Blue Box deleted many of the tweets regarding the plans for Abandoned: about the timing of the prologue release, the reasons for the theatrical trailer being delayed, and so on.

McDonald himself expressed an opinionthat the developers are fooling the public and no Abandoned actually exists. Others have suggested that the game was canceled for one reason or another.

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In response, Blue Box Game Studios assured that the rumors about the cancellation of Abandoned are not true: work is underway on the presentation in the application Abandoned: Realtime Experience and the prologue.

“They were planned for the first quarter of 2022, but unfortunately not yet ready because we underestimated the amount of work. In connection with this, we are delaying the announcement and release of Abandoned: Prologue. We will release Abandoned: Prologue when it’s stable, good and ready.”— said in the studio.

Finally, Blue Box Game Studios apologized for the situation: “We understand your dissatisfaction and deeply regret it. We’ll continue to work on the game and let you know when we’re ready.”.

Abandoned is being made for PC and PS5. At this point, the game doesn’t even have a final name (the current one is a code name). It was promised to be revealed at the same presentation in Abandoned: Realtime Experience.


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