The role playing game The DioField Chronicle offers participation in tactical

The role-playing game The DioField Chronicle offers participation in “tactical battles in real time”

Publisher/developer Square Enix has teamed up with Studio Lancarse (Monark) for today’s episode of State of Play announced tactical role-playing game The DioField Chronicle.

Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

The events of The DioField Chronicle take place on the island of DioField, where after 200 years of peace an era of uncertainty has begun. All because of the deposits of jade mineral, which is necessary for the creation of local magic.

Players take control of a group of elite Blue Fox mercenaries, participate in military councils (plan strategies, choose missions) and train their fighters before being released on a mission.

The developers of The DioField Chronicle promise a deep and compelling story, “great cast of characters”, “enchanting soundtrack” and a new system “real-time tactical battles” (RTTB).

The DioField Chronicle is expected to be released later this year on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. Among other things, Square Enix also announced the action role-playing game Valkyrie Elysium at the State of Play.


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