The Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose story expansion will

The Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose story expansion will be much more complex than the main game

Revealed at the Capcom Showcase 2022 event, the Shadows of Rose story expansion for Resident Evil Village is significant surpass Main game by difficulty. About that reported in the official Japanese Twitter series.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

translation A tweet in English can be found on the microblog of insider AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem), who regularly reports on Resident Evil and Silent Hill news. The announcement states that the expansion will severely restrict ammo and healing items to focus on the fight [за выживание] and wise use of resources.

Considering another important DLC difference – the third-person perspective – we can conclude that Shadows of Rose will be closer to Resident Evil 4 and older parts of the series.

The expansion takes place 16 years after the Resident Evil Village finale. Players take on the role of Rose Winters, the grown daughter of Ethan Winters who is trying to get rid of “dreadful” supernatural abilities. To do this, she must enter the mind of Megamycelium, explore a surreal world where familiar locations and characters appear in altered forms, and find a cure. The screenshots (which are also in the trailer) show a snippet of the scene where Rose meets her copy and a snippet of the boss fight that looks like The Duke. The heroine is guided by the mysterious assistant Michael (Michael).

Shadows of Rose will be available on October 28th as part of the Winter’s Expansion expansion. The latter will be part of the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and will also feature new locations and characters for the Mercenaries mode, as well as the ability to switch to a third-person view in the main game. On the same day, the multiplayer action Re: Verse starts, which will be free for all owners of the eighth part.

In addition to the re-release, Capcom showed a gameplay teaser for the remake of Resident Evil 4 at its own presentation. At the same time, updates for Resident Evil 7 as well as remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 were released with improvements for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and PC. Soon, Steam users began to complain about a drop in performance due to increased system requirements and incompatibility with mods, after which the company added the ability to undo patches.

A PlayStation VR2 version of Resident Evil Village is also in development, with a macOS release by the end of 2022.

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