The Resident Evil 4 remake is selling faster than any

The Resident Evil 4 remake is selling faster than any current game in the series

Capcom’s Japanese publisher and developer new press release shared information about the first successes on the market of Resident Evil 4 – a remake of the cult action game of the same name, released in 2005.

    Image Source: Steam (NUMANUIN)

Image Source: Steam (NUMANUIN)

As has been revealed, the total shipments and digital sales of the Resident Evil 4 remake surpassed 3 million copies worldwide in the first two days. The total circulation of the games in the series (as of December 31, 2022) is 135 million copies.

For comparison, Resident Evil Village took four days to reach 3 million, Resident Evil 2 Remake took a week, Resident Evil 7 took two and a half weeks, and Resident Evil 3 Remake took half a year.

As noted by Capcom, Resident Evil 4’s success was made possible by updated gameplay, story and graphics, high reviews from the trade press, and positive reactions to the pre-demo.

Resident Evil 4 was released on March 24th on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The remake also had the best start on Steam among all games in the series, ahead of Village in terms of top online – 168.2 thousand Human.

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