The remastered surreal horror quest Garage Bad Dream Adventure will

The remastered surreal horror quest Garage: Bad Dream Adventure will be released on July 8th on Steam

Japanese surrealist artist and game designer Tomomi Yuki Sakuba informed about the release of his horror quest Garage: Bad Dream Adventure in steam 8th of July. The 1999 game will receive improvements and new content.

    Image Credit: Sakuba Metal Works

Image Credit: Sakuba Metal Works

According to the game’s plot, a psychotherapeutic device called “garage” plunges the protagonist into his subconscious, where he turns into a cross between a machine and a living being. Users must find a creature called “Shadow” and try to escape from the maze-like world made of dilapidated wooden structures, sewage and rusty metal.

Garage: Bad Dream Adventure is a classic point and click adventure where you explore rooms and solve puzzles. However, there is also a character development system: players can improve the hero’s body with the help of modifications. They also need to replenish their fuel supply.

Sakuba began experimenting with game development in the early ’90s after being introduced in Cyan Worlds’ Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel quest. The latter, like the original 1993 Myst from the same studio, was created in the HyperCard programming environment, which was offered free with all new Apple Macintosh computers at the time. The artist developed several prototypes using this toolkit and later began working with the Kinotrope studio team on a full biomechanical hero game.

Garage: Bad Dream Adventure was released on March 25, 1999 in Japan for Windows and macOS. Publisher Toshiba-EMI stopped releasing products on disc shortly after the game’s release, having managed to print only three thousand copies, so the horror was considered a rarity even in Japan. In December 2021, the updated version became available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The remaster will feature:

  • recycled images;
  • Videos enhanced with AI-based frame interpolation;
  • improved UI and game balance;
  • new chapters, endings and secondary quests;
  • three additional memory slots (originally there were two);
  • Steam cloud storage support.

Sakuba too written downthat the game will be released uncensored on Steam, with all original images and videos. SmokymonkeyS, developer of the now-defunct online role-playing game Ninelives, helped create the new version of the writing studio Sakuba Metal Works.

Garage: Bad Dream Adventure will support English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles. The price in the western segments is $20.

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