The release of the old school two dimensional fighting game Blazing Strike

The release of the old-school two-dimensional fighting game Blazing Strike has been pushed back to the fall

Aksys Games Verlag as part of its online presentation All Aksys announced the postponement of RareBreed Makes Games’ old-school 2D fighting game Blazing Strike to a later date.

Image Credit: Aksys Games

Image Credit: Aksys Games

Recall that Blazing Strike was officially unveiled last May and was until recently expected to premiere sometime this spring. As has become known, the publication will not take place at the appointed time.

Blazing Strike is scheduled to be released this fall for PC (Steam), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The reason for the move to Aksys Games was not given, but a limited retail edition of the game was announced.

Blazing Strike Limited Edition includes Artbook, Soundtrack and Character Card Pack

Blazing Strike Limited Edition includes Artbook, Soundtrack and Character Card Pack

As for the visuals, as part of All Aksys showed the same trailer as in August 2021. Between themselves, the videos differ only in the time of the game’s release, which is indicated towards the end.

However, after the presentation, Aksys Games released two Blazing Strike gameplay videos on their YouTube channel, showing a recording of two fights involving Shinsuke and Jake.

Blazing Strike was created with Capcom and SNK’s classic slot fighting games (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, The King of Fighters) in mind, but the developers didn’t forget about modern mechanics.

In 2019, RareBreed Makes Games attempted to raise funds to develop Blazing Strike Through kickstarters, but failed. Thanks to Patreon donations and a deal with Aksys Games, the project was able to survive.


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