The release of Android 13 Developer Preview confirmed that the

The release of Android 13 Developer Preview confirmed that the operating system is codenamed Tiramisu

Information that the Android 13 operating system is being developed under the codename Tiramisu surfaced in the middle of last year. Official confirmation of this was found in the Android 13 developer preview released this week. The name of an Italian dessert appears in the Android version section of the About phone menu.

Image source: XDA Developers

Image source: XDA Developers

Google last officially named Android after a dessert in 2018 when Android 9 (Pie) was unveiled to the public. Despite this, this tradition lives on in the company, and each new version of the software platform invariably has an internal name, which in one way or another is connected to some kind of candy. Android 10 was developed under the internal name Quince Tart, Android 11 – Red Velvet Cake and Android 12 – Snow Cone.

Now we know for sure that Google continues to use dessert names as names for new iterations of its mobile platform. This portends the company’s difficulties in the next year, since there are practically no desserts and sweets whose names begin with the letter U. Пожалуй, upside-down Cake (Перевёрнутый торт) является наиболее распространённым десертом, название которого начинается на букву U. Конечно, при более подробном рассмотрении сладостей из разных стран мира наверняка можно найти какие-то иные варианты, поэтому судить о названии будущей Android 14 пока too early.


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