The publisher Koch Media changed its name because the old

The publisher Koch Media changed its name because the old one had a non-obvious pronunciation

Austrian publisher Koch Media (owned by Holding Embracer Group) in a fresh press release announced a name change. Now the owner of Deep Silver, Prime Matter and Ravenscourt is called Plaion.

    Image source: Plaion

Image source: Plaion

According to Klemens Kundratitz, co-founder and CEO of Plaion, the new name is intended to reflect the company’s rapid growth since joining Embracer Who are we and what path are we on?.

In an interview with the publication gaming industry Kundratitz added that the decision on the new name was also influenced by the difficulty some people had in pronouncing the old one: Koch in Koch Media reads “Koch”, not “Koch”.

In addition to the new name, the former Koch Media also received a modified logo in the form of an interactive play button (“Play”). The company will remain predominantly gaming, and Koch Films will rename its film division to Plaion Pictures.

Founded in 1994, Koch Media now owns ten game studios: Volition, Dambuster Studios, Fishlabs, Warhorse Studios, Milestone, Voxler, DigixArt, Flying Wild Hog, Free Radical Design and Vertigo Games.


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