The prospect of subsidies forced Micron to prepare a statement

The prospect of subsidies forced Micron to prepare a statement to expand production in the US

The very tone of the discussion of the bill to allocate $52 billion to build new semiconductor product manufacturing companies in the United States has many potential recipients of these funds more actively demonstrating their own plans, and thus Micron Technology also declined did not comment on this, although nothing intelligible was reported. .

    Image source: Micron Technology

Image source: Micron Technology

As you know, the relevant law was finally passed by the US Congress this week, and early next week it should be signed by President Joseph Biden, which will allow the relevant departments to proceed with distributing the funds among the applicants. Micron Technology was right to explainthat only 2% of the world’s memory chips are now made in the United States, and all of that volume is made under that brand name. In the coming years, Micron will change this situation and significantly increase the volume of memory production in the country. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

In view of the market conditions, now does not seem the best time to make such expansion statements: macroeconomic experts are talking about a recession, memory prices are falling noticeably, demand for consumer electronics has fallen sharply. However, it should be borne in mind that Micron’s competitors are also preparing the ground for receiving US subsidies. Samsung Electronics recently announced it would spend $200 billion to expand manufacturing in the United States, and parent company SK Hynix announced plans to spend at least $15 billion developing chip manufacturing and development in the native American companies Micron, including Technology, simply could not remain silent – especially since investment projects are calculated for years and market conditions are changing quickly.

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