The promising network shooter Scavengers from the former creators of

The promising network shooter Scavengers from the former creators of Halo will not live to see its exit from Early Access

British technology company Improbable announced about the upcoming closure of shareware strategy shooter Scavengers, which is in Early Access and stayed with her after the development studio was sold.

    Image Source: Unlikely

Image Source: Unlikely

Remember that Scavengers launched in April 2021 in Early Access on PC (steam, Epic game store) and was received relatively warmly, but has not found a regular audience since.

As has been revealed, Scavengers will close less than two years after its release in Early Access – this will happen on December 16th. Unlikely shares this message “reluctant heart” and laments the decline in the number of players in recent months.

The decline in viewer numbers is not surprising: the last update for Scavengers has been released again march. In May, Improbable sells game developer Midwinter, which includes former creators of Halo, Battlefield and Gears of War.

Scavengers was positioned as a hybrid of PvE sandbox and class PvP: In addition to players (up to 60 people), AI opponents also took part in matches. The events of the project took place on Earth after the start of a new Ice Age.

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