The popularity of Safari on the PC is growing rapidly

The popularity of Safari on the PC is growing rapidly: Apple’s browser competed for second place with Edge

The Statcounter service summarizes the February 2023 results in the desktop browser market. It turned out that in the near future Microsoft Edge is in danger of losing the title of the second most popular browser in the world. Its audience has dwindled slightly, but Apple-promoted Safari has seen a slight surge, bringing it almost on par with its closest competitor.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

While Google Chrome remains the undisputed leader with a 66.12% share. Edge closely holds second place with 10.84% ​​of the user audience, closely followed by Safari with 10.14% of the market share. If Edge managed to maintain a safe distance until recently, his place in the leaderboard is now in question, and it’s unknown if he’ll keep it in March.

Firefox does not yet claim to be in the top 3 and occupies 6.84% of the market, while Opera occupies an even more modest position with 3.21%.

    Image source: Statcounter

Image source: Statcounter

In the mobile browser market, the situation remains quite conservative. Chrome and Safari dominate here with 66.08% and 23.97% of viewers, respectively. It is expected that this situation will continue for some time since Samsung Internet owns only 4.37% of the market, Opera – 1.71% and UC Browser – 1.46%. Notably, Edge didn’t even break into the top 5 in the mobile segment, although there are hopes that the further adoption of Bing with built-in AI will change the situation.

In the overall stats for mobile and desktop browsers, Chrome and Safari also rank first and second at 65.74% and 18.86%, respectively, while Edge is significantly behind Safari at 4.27%. Mozilla accounts for 2.92% of the market, while Samsung Internet is content with 2.6%. In general, one can say that the situation is very stable: in most cases, fluctuations within one percentage point are registered. It remains to be seen when the mass adoption of chatbots will begin – it is quite possible that they will be able to seriously adapt the current preferences of users.

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