The players turned to Valve they promised to solve the

The players turned to Valve: they promised to solve the problem with cheaters and bots in Team Fortress 2

Even though Team Fortress 2 came out 15 years ago, it’s still around one of the most popular games on Steam. But its users have been complaining about bots flooding servers for two years, and repeated attempts to get Valve to listen to the complaints have been unsuccessful. But this week, the developers finally heard the fans.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

Users have suffered from scammers who use programs to auto-aim and ban other players from the game. The attackers also sent racist messages in text and voice chats.

It got to the point where Team Fortress fans threw a massive Twitter flash mob on May 26 to push the #SaveTF2 hashtag to the top of global trends. At the same time, the most important condition was not to show Valve the peacefulness of the gaming community with “hate speech”.

    Fans even drew a poster for the campaign.  Source: Twitter

Fans even drew a poster for the campaign. Image source: Twitter

Fans managed to attract the attention of not only the public, but also Valve itself. For the first time since July 2020, an official Team Fortress 2 Twitter account released tweet. In it, the developers said that they listen to the community, love the game and are working to improve the situation.

    Image source:

Image source:

Team Fortress 2 is shareware on Steam.


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