The Pixel 8 Pros displays began to bulge Google

The Pixel 8 Pro’s displays began to bulge – Google assured that everything was fine

Owners of Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphones reported the appearance of round bulges in several areas of the screen – judging by the appearance, this is the result of pressure from the device components located under the display, the source said 9to5Google. Google admitted that the problem exists, but assured that this effect does not affect the performance of the phones.

According to one version, the round bulges on the display were caused by the pressure exerted on the display by the uneven surface underneath. No damage was found on the protective glass of the Gorilla Glass Victus 2. But the version with an uneven surface under the display is confirmed by disassembling the smartphone – it actually has protrusions in the places where “bubbles” have formed, and there is no gap between the screen and the components underneath.

The image quality does not suffer as a result of the defect and the touch panel continues to work as usual – there are no failures whatsoever, and in order to see the bulges yourself, you have to try: they are only visible from a certain angle in the right light. However, the owners fear that the problem will worsen and someday damage will appear on the surface of the display.

The “bubbles” are located in a certain pattern: in the upper part of the vapor to the left of the front camera and in another to the right. Several also appear on the left and right edges of the screen. Some owners have already started contacting Google for a replacement Pixel 8 Pro. The manufacturer acknowledged the problem, but assured that curvatures on the display do not affect the operation of smartphones: “Pixel 8 phones have a new display. When the screen is turned off, not in use, and under certain lighting conditions, some users may see fingerprints from the device components that appear as small bumps. There is no functional impact on the performance or durability of the Pixel 8.”.

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