The Photos app in Windows 11 can fix photo errors

The Photos app in Windows 11 can fix photo errors and display slideshows

Microsoft developers continue to improve the Photos app in Windows 11. This time the software product received a tool for removing errors in pictures, as well as a function for creating slide shows. As of this writing, these changes are available to Windows 11 beta customers through the Windows Insider Program on the Dev and Canary channels.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

With the new version of the Photos app, you can create slideshows of pictures with animated transitions. If necessary, you can add an audio track to the slides. “This has been the top request we’ve received from the community since the launch of the new Photos app in Windows 11 last fall.”said a Microsoft spokesman.

Even in the “Photos” appeared the Spot Fix tool, which can be used to remove spots or “unwanted areas” from the image. This feature is a retouching tool that allows you to quickly improve your photo. In addition, the developers have returned the ability to scroll the timeline. This makes it easier for users to find photos and other images taken in specific time periods.

Currently, all innovations of the Photos application are in the testing phase. It is expected that they will appear in the stable version of the software product in the next few months.


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