The Photos app from Windows 11 has arrived in Windows

The Photos app from Windows 11 has arrived in Windows 10 – not all users are happy with it

Although Microsoft is focused on the development of Windows 11, developers continue to integrate new features into Windows 10. One of the latest innovations of Windows 10 is the updated Photos application, which was originally available for Windows 11.

    Image source: Windows Latest

Image source: Windows Latest

Not long ago, Microsoft released another update for Windows 10, the installation of which brings an updated photography application. It has many interesting features, including new ways to edit images, as well as the ability to view photos and videos in one window and an image and video comparison tool.

The updated version of Photos seems to be a worthy replacement for the old version of the product, but it turned out that not all users of the operating system liked it. The fact is that the old version of the application has features that are not included in the new version of the product. Judging by the reviews, the lack of Clarity and Spot Fix features is the biggest concern for users. The first tool allows you to make photos clearer and the second tool allows you to remove blemishes or other unwanted objects from photos.

Since the new version of Photos for Windows 10 was recently launched, it may not be available to all users at this time. Of course, it will take some time until the app is available on all compatible devices.


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