The photo shows a chip from AMD Phoenix 2 mobile

The photo shows a chip from AMD Phoenix 2 mobile processors with Zen 4 and Zen 4c cores

Informant HXL divided Photo of the alleged AMD Pnoenix 2 hybrid mobile processor chip, which includes large Zen 4 cores as well as universal Zen 4c auxiliary cores. The Pnoenix 2 is expected to sit below the core Ryzen Phoenix processor line in AMD’s processor hierarchy.

    Image source: @9550pro/X

Image source: @9550pro/X

The image provided clearly shows a large block of L3 cache (highlighted in green on the left side of the photo), two powerful Zen 4 cores (below the L3 cache), four small Zen 4c cores (three above the L3 cache) , one next to the Zen cores 4) as well as a large block of integrated GPU (on the other side of the photo). There are DDR5/LPDDR5 PHY interfaces on the top of the chip, and interfaces for PCIe, USB and other physical connectors on the bottom and left of the APU.

The original AMD Ryzen 7040 (Phoenix) processors offer eight powerful Zen 4 cores. Phoenix 2 has only six cores – two large Zen 4 and four energy-efficient Zen 4c, which reduces the total chip area. This suggests that Phoenix 2 will be used in low-cost laptop models. What else AMD cut from the processor to make it more affordable is unknown. We will find out at the time these chips are announced.

It is assumed that the first AMD hybrid processors with different cores will compete with the younger models of Intel processors Alder Lake and Raptor Lake in the laptop segment. By combining powerful and energy-efficient cores, the company can achieve previously unattainable levels of energy efficiency in its processors.

Phoenix 2 should be announced this year. However, there is no official data available on this as of September. The company may have decided to include them in the upcoming Ryzen 8000 processor series, expected in 2024. In this case, they have to compete with the younger Intel Meteor Lake models.

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