The Opera One browser with built in AI is now available

The Opera One browser with built-in AI is now available to everyone

Opera One, the groundbreaking AI-enabled web browser called Aria, is now available for everyone to download. In April, Opera released a developer preview of Opera One that focused on its modular and multithreaded features. Now all users have the opportunity to try the built-in AI that Opera has announced will be implemented.

    Image source: Opera

Image source: Opera

According to Opera, One has been completely redesigned to open a new chapter in AI-powered web browsing. The embedded artificial intelligence is called Aria and was created in collaboration with OpenAI. Leveraging Opera’s Composer AI engine, Aria integrates with OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 while expanding its capabilities such as real-time web search results and access to all of Opera’s help documentation.

Aria is tightly integrated into the browser and users can easily interact with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+/ or CMD+/ depending on the operating system. This will bring up a command line for chatting with Aria, similar to chatting with ChatGPT. There’s also an AI prompt feature that allows Aria to respond to text with contextual cues, and ChatGPT is available in the sidebar.

Opera emphasizes the importance of keeping users in control, so access to AI in Opera One is at the user’s discretion. To use Aria’s features, you must first sign up for a free Opera account.

In addition to the AI, Opera One includes the “Tab Islands” feature that allows you to conveniently group tabs. This can be done automatically or manually. In addition, a new modular architecture and a multithreaded compositor combine to create a browser that can dynamically adapt to user actions and multithread to provide a faster and smoother experience.

Given the current trends in AI, Opera One is a new step in integrating AI into everyday web browser interactions. This can be an incentive for the further development and integration of AI into various aspects of our lives. Future research could focus on optimizing AI to improve user experience and security when using web browsers.


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