The Opera browser now supports web addresses made entirely of

The Opera browser now supports web addresses made entirely of emoji

Browser company Opera announced that it has added support for web addresses made up of emoji to its products “Bring a New Level of Creativity to the Internet”. The project is implemented in conjunction with the Yat platform, which allows you to create and buy URLs with emojis.

Image source: Opera

Image source: Opera

On the Yat platform, you can register unique domain names consisting of a series of emojis. These emoji lines are called yat. In particular, the owner of a yat address can create an NFT token of its failed URL. The company also intends to offer its customers the option of connecting Yat to electronic payment systems in the future.

Thanks to the integration with Opera, browser users no longer have to insert in the address bar when trying to navigate to a URL composed of emojis. Developers of other browsers are in no hurry to add support for emoji URLs to their products, but it is possible that they will do so in the future.

The company notes that musicians and other creatives are showing great interest in emoji URLs. Yat co-founder Naveen Jain said emoji domains allow users to personalize their identity online, which could potentially make artists’, musicians’ and others’ websites more visible.



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