The OnePlus 12s autopsy revealed a large cooling system and

The OnePlus 12’s autopsy revealed a large cooling system and a lot of glue

This week saw the world premiere of the flagship smartphone OnePlus 12, and the powerful sub-flagship OnePlus 12R was also introduced. The developers have repeatedly pointed out that these smartphones use a huge cooling system, and the recently released OnePlus 12 disassembly video confirms this.



However, in order to see the cooling system, you first have to somehow open the smartphone case. The author of the published video used a hair dryer to heat the back of the case, after which he was able to remove the back cover. Inside the case you can see, among other things, a 50 W wireless charging adapter. It makes OnePlus 12 the fastest wireless charging smartphone sold in North America. After the wireless charging module, the bottom speaker and battery are removed. After first removing the screen, you can examine the cooling system.

The OnePlus 12’s cooling system is truly huge and includes two vapor chambers arranged one above the other. This is the largest cooling system ever used in a OnePlus smartphone. When dismantling the device, you can also see camera sensors, fingerprint scanners and a large amount of thermal paste. But there is a lot more glue inside the smartphone.


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