The oldest videos in Im have lost sound

The oldest videos in I********m have lost sound

Many of the oldest videos on Instagram Lost sound and when you try to play it you get a “Video has no sound” message. Apparently the problem affects videos that were published on the platform before the end of 2014.

    Image source: Kirill Averianov /

Image source: Kirill Averianov /

According to the source, the sound disappeared in the videos added on Instagram from June 2013 (at that time, publishing videos on the social network was supported) to October 2014. There is no sound, regardless of whether you use a computer or a mobile device to interact with the social network. Because the problem seems to affect all videos in the specified period. It was probably created on the platform side and is not related to any copyright infringement, for example.

For old Instagram users The lack of sound in videos can be a big loss. One of the reasons people post videos on social media is to capture the highlights of their lives, and audio often plays an important role in making a moment truly memorable. It is noted that the problem with loss of sound began at least a few months ago. Already in May and June, messages appeared from users who noticed the disappearance of the sound in their old videos.

In meta Platforms, the owner of the social network, reported that it was working to resolve this issue, but did not disclose the causes or a possible time frame for resolution. “We understand that some people are having trouble accessing audio in older feed posts due to a bug. The issue will be resolved, we apologize for the inconvenience.”– The source quotes the representative of Meta His Kim.


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