The old messenger Google Talk will stop working on June

The old messenger Google Talk will stop working on June 16th

Google announced the discontinuation of its own messenger, Talk, which launched back in 2005. In the initial stages of development of the service, developers regularly added new features to Talk, but the messenger has not been popular in recent years.

    Image Source: Paresh Dave / Reuters

Image Source: Paresh Dave / Reuters

A few years ago, Google launched the Hangouts messaging service, which was intended to replace Talk, but didn’t catch on with users. Now it has been announced that Talk will stop working in a few days. A message on the platform’s support page says that Google is phasing out the service and will no longer support it, including in third-party apps. Users who continue to use Talk are advised to switch to Google Chat, another of the company’s messengers.

Recall that Talk appeared in 2005 and offered the ability to quickly exchange messages directly from the Gmail service. The service used the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), which eventually led to third-party clients able to function on the Talk network. Messenger later added support for audio and video calls, as well as group chats.

The Talk service ended in 2017 when Google decided to develop Hangouts, which was unveiled to the general public a few years earlier. In 2020, Hangouts Chat was rebranded to Google Chat, which later migrated to Workspace. Oddly enough, Hangouts is still available for free Google account holders.

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