The NVIDIA GH200 hybrid accelerator can be purchased as part

The NVIDIA GH200 hybrid accelerator can be purchased as part of a workstation for $41,500

Formally, the NVIDIA GH200 accelerator, which combines on one board, is intended for server use, but in the online store GPTshop you can purchase a workstation based on it, which uses the Ubuntu operating system. The exotic workstation is priced at a minimum of $41,500, since such accelerators themselves are expensive components.

  Image source: GPTshop

Image source: GPTshop

Let’s remember that the GH200 accelerator combines the Grace central processor with Arm architecture with 72 cores, it supports up to 480 GB of LPDDR5X memory. Next to the board is the H200 graphics processor, which has a die area of ​​814 mm2 and contains 16,896 CUDA cores used to speed up computing. This online store allows you to choose between a modification of the accelerator with HBM3 memory, and a newer version with HBM3E memory, which is also offered in a larger volume.

Judging by the photographs of the workstation taken in the interior of a private house, the cooling system of this unusual computing solution is based on Noctua fans, which are literally crammed into all available seats. As options, the workstation can be equipped with Bluefield-3 and ConnectX-7 network cards, solid-state drives up to 8 TB, and hard drives up to 30 TB. Even a GeForce RTX 4060 video card can be installed inside the system unit if the user needs to work with graphics at a more serious level. However, since only Ubuntu can be used as an operating system, it is simply pointless to count on the gaming use of such a workstation, given the concentration of computing resources on the side of the NVIDIA GH200.

In principle, for certain conditions, buying such a workstation for about $50,000 can be considered a good deal, considering that the previous generation NVIDIA H100 accelerator itself costs $40,000. GPTshop clients simply get a ready-made system with higher performance for a little more money.

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