The number of games verified for Steam Deck has tripled

The number of games verified for Steam Deck has tripled since the system was released

The Boiling Steam Portal tracks the number of games supported by the Steam Deck portable gaming system. Since the portable console went on sale (February 25), the number of games that the manufacturer has run smoothly has more than tripled to 1,289 titles. Almost the same number still works with some shortcomings.

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By the time console sales started, about 350 games were guaranteed to work on Steam Deck, and another 300 were considered quite functional, but with some flaws – in many cases just because the player’s keyboard and mouse interaction was originally intended.

The start was good, but with thousands upon thousands of titles in the Steam store, the results failed to impress demanding gamers who didn’t get full access to the huge number of paid and free games in the library.

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Reportedly, 1289 games are working fine with Steam Deck today, and another 1169 – with some issues. The progress is very significant, and the number of supported games will only increase as Valve tests more new games and optimizes the Steam Deck software.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that much does not depend on Valve and its console. Some perfectly working games have not been verified simply because they involve the use of external controllers.


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