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The next game from the makers of No Man’s Sky sends players to a fantasy planet the size of Earth – first trailer and details for Light No Fire

Developers from the British studio Hello Games continue to update and improve their space adventure No Man’s Sky, but at the same time they have been working on a new game for five years – it’s called Light No Fire.

    Image source: Hello Games

Image source: Hello Games

Light No Fire is a multiplayer adventure about cooperative exploration, survival and building. The game takes place on a procedurally generated fantasy planet the size of Earth.

The world of Light No Fire in Hello Games is called “really open”: without borders, on an unprecedented scale, with diverse and rich biomes, unique enemies and valuable resources.

“You can climb any mountain and see, perhaps for the first time, the endless valleys, oceans and continents below. <...> Swim across endless oceans and rivers, ride wild animals through fantastic landscapes, fly kites over unknown lands.”reads the description of Light No Fire.

The authors emphasize that the “Earth” in Light No Fire is ancient, full of history, secrets and an endless struggle for survival, and the player on it is not a hero. You can explore the planet both in company and alone.

According to Hello Games, Light No Fire aims to combine the depth of role-playing games with the freedom of sandbox survival. The project is inspired by spirit of adventure, charm and ingenuity “Classic Fantasy”.

Light No Fire does not have a release date, but has already acquired a site on the service steam. In addition to the description, several screenshots are included (see gallery below). Support for languages ​​other than English has not yet been announced.

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