The next addition to Stellaris will bring glory to the

The next addition to Stellaris will bring glory to the galaxy or bring it to its knees

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer of Paradox Development Studio announced Overlord is the latest addition to Stellaris, its global sci-fi space strategy game.

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The new expansion is all about enforcing your will, demonstrating your might and expanding civilization, with new features that players can use to bring glory to the galaxy or bring it to its knees.

“Will you be a benevolent overlord bringing prosperity to the galaxy, or an oppressive tyrant exploiting vassals? Or maybe you choose to serve and be a part of something bigger? Developers ask questions.

Overlord promises significant changes to the mechanics of vassalization. Subjugation becomes more diverse, with vassal contracts, specialized vassals, and overlord holdings.

Among other things, Overlord will have five more origins (including for the Hive Mind), new enclaves (some of which are shrouded in mystery), a megastructure (to combat threats), and other structures, as well as additional music.

“With the Overlord expansion, we want to give players even more opportunities to create their own ‘space opera’ scenarios, where they can create universes filled with large houses or bickering minions and see how long they can hold on to what they do have created.”explained Stellaris Development Manager Stephen Muray.

The PC version of Overlord will be released with a free Cepheus update (additional content and improvements). Stellaris itself is not only available on PC (Steam, GOG), but also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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