The new version of the PlayStation 5 received a more

The new version of the PlayStation 5 received a more compact 6nm Oberon Plus processor – previously used 7nm Oberon

The new version of the PlayStation 5 gaming console, model number CFI-1202, received a new custom hybrid processor, codenamed Oberon Plus, reports Angstronomics. The chip uses a finer manufacturing process, making it smaller than its Oberon predecessor.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

According to the source, Sony’s new gaming consoles now use a more compact processor, which is manufactured in TSMC’s facilities using a more advanced 6nm process technology. Remember that the original set-top box was made with the Oberon processor, which uses the 7nm TSMC-N7 process technology.

Architecturally, nothing has changed with the new chip. It still uses AMD Zen 2 cores and the RDNA 2 graphics architecture. The performance remains the same. The die area of ​​the new processor is about 260 mm2. For comparison: The original version has a chip area of ​​300 mm.2.

    Oberon Plus processor (left) and Oberon (right).  Image source: Angronomics

Oberon Plus processor (left) and Oberon (right). Image source: Angronomics

It was announced earlier this month that Sony has released a new version of the PlayStation 5. The manufacturer has completely redesigned its internal components. The new version received a smaller motherboard, as well as a more compact and lighter cooling system. The use of the latter was made possible by the conversion of set-top box processors to a new, thinner process technology. As noted in an early review of the new version, the updated console uses less power and therefore has fewer cooling requirements.

The release of smaller chips for the PlayStation 5 means more chips can be built on a single silicon wafer. So, theoretically, an updated console can cost up to 12% less to manufacture.

According to Angstronomics, Microsoft plans to switch to smaller processors in its Xbox S and X series game consoles in the foreseeable future.

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