The new Steam Cloud feature allows you to switch between

The new Steam Cloud feature allows you to switch between game sessions on Steam Deck and PC on the fly, while saving your progress

Valve introduced Steam Cloud Dynamic Sync, a new feature in the Steamworks Developer Toolkit. With its help, users can quickly switch between game sessions on Steam Deck and a desktop computer, without having to quit the game itself on a portable PC.

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v separate note On the official Steam Community website, Valve explained that Steam Deck users often put their device to sleep without exiting the game. This is a common use case for handheld consoles. And if they want to continue playing on another device (PC or another Steam deck), the progress is carried over thanks to Steam Cloud dynamic syncing.

Using a new feature, Steam automatically uploads all modified saves to the cloud before the device goes to sleep. Therefore, after a game session on Steam Deck, users can continue the project they like on a PC or other device, even if they did not leave the game on a portable system.

Valve representatives remind that Steam Cloud dynamic synchronization is not an automatic feature. Developers must manually enable it in their Steamworks projects. Otherwise, users who hibernate their Pocket PC during an active gaming session and then attempt to resume it on another device will either be forced to either return to Steam Deck and end the session first, or continue gaming without saving their last progress .


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