The new Epic Games tool makes it easier to create

The new Epic Games tool makes it easier to create crossplay between Steam and EGS

Epic Games has unveiled a new cross-platform tool that will allow developers to bring together players from different digital stores and platforms. In particular, to link users of Steam and the Epic Games Store not only for multiplayer but also for other features.

    Image Source: Epic Games

Image Source: Epic Games

At the moment, two users who own the same game in two different stores cannot, with rare exceptions, play it together. The new tool allows developers to enable crossplay between two services.

Epic Games also said the tool will allow players to combine their multi-platform friends lists into one and invite users to join a multi-service game together.

For now, Epic Games is focused on bringing the Epic Games Store and the Steam community together, but the same is planned for console and mobile players as well. Simon Allaeys, senior director of online services at Epic Games, said the company believes bringing friends and communities together will propel the gaming industry into a growth spurt and the next billion players.

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