The new character of the fighting game DNF Duel was

The new character of the fighting game DNF Duel was the witch who controlled the Enchantress dolls

Japanese publisher Nexon in collaboration with Neople, Arc System Works (Guilty Gear Strive) and Eighting studios presented another character for his anime fighting game DNF Duel. The announcement was accompanied by a 38-second trailer.

    Image source: Nexon

Image source: Nexon

The released video is dedicated to the sorceress, a witch specializing in dubious and occult magic. In the video announced last week, the elusive master assumes the heroine and her puppets.

“The one who condemns her victims to endless suffering with the help of curses and voodoo has appeared! Watch the game video of the capricious witch Enchantress! reads the description of the new DNF duel trailer.

From November 2021 to present, the writers have introduced viewers to fifteen DNF dueling heroes. The whole fighting game is considered to offer users a choice of sixteen fighters.

DNF Duel is coming to PC (Steam), PS4 and PS5 on June 28th. The project is an offshoot of the shareware roleplaying action Dungeon Fighter Online, from which the character entourage and archetypes migrated into the new game.

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