The new Alone in the Dark was a reimagining of

The new Alone in the Dark was a reimagining of the first three games in the series with a completely original story

THQ Nordic Marketing Ambassador Liz Pieri on the Official PlayStation Blog divided new details of psychological horror with survival elements Alone in the Dark by Pieces Interactive.

    Image source: THQ Nordic

Image source: THQ Nordic

Remember this at the presentation THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022where the announcement took place, and so on Page on Steam The new Alone in the Dark is described as a reboot of the classic horror film.

As it turns out, the upcoming Alone in the Dark isn’t so much a reimagining of the first installment in the horror franchise as it is the entirety of the original trilogy that was released between 1992-1994.

“In Alone in the Dark, you’ll experience an all-new story featuring characters, locations and themes from the ’90s trilogy. Knowledge of the original games is not required, but fans of the series will find plenty of familiarity.”Pieri says.

    Alone in the Dark 2's Grace Sanders stars in the interactive teaser for Grace in the Dark

Alone in the Dark 2’s Grace Sanders stars in the interactive teaser for Grace in the Dark

The developers set out to return to the franchise’s roots in relation to the Entourage (the Derceto estate in the southern United States in the 1920’s), but reimagined it for a new generation of players using modern technologies to invent.

The Pieces Interactive team brought together both newcomers to the industry and its veterans. Pieri mentioned three of them:

  • As previously reported, Mikael Hedberg, author of SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is responsible for the plot of Alone in the Dark;
  • Illustrator Guy Davis, who worked on director Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, and The Shape of Water, helped design the monsters;
  • The game’s eerie and sinister soundtrack was composed by Dutch musician and dark jazz star Jason Koehnen.

Alone in the Dark is being made for PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. From August 24th to 28th, gamescom 2022 visitors can see an interactive teaser called Grace in the Dark.

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