The Netherlands expects Japan to introduce similar restrictions on the

The Netherlands expects Japan to introduce similar restrictions on the supply of lithography equipment to China

Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Liesje Shreinemacher in an interview with a Japanese magazine Nikkei Asian Review also confirmed that the country will impose restrictions on the supply of certain types of lithographic equipment to China, namely those designed to operate at deep ultraviolet (DUV) radiation. Ms. Schreinemacher expects similar restrictive measures from Japanese suppliers.

    Image source: ASML

Image source: ASML

At the same time, the official emphasizes that the measures taken are not aimed against any specific country, but calls on democratic countries to band together to prevent a certain type of technology from falling into the wrong hands. DUV-class devices are inferior to EUV scanners in terms of sophistication, but can still be used to produce chips suitable for military use.

“I want as many countries as possible to join us, especially democratic ones, when it comes to these export restrictions.” — said Lisa Schreinemacher. On March 8, she addressed her appeal to the Dutch parliament, hoping to introduce appropriate restrictions by the summer of this year after analyzing the national security situation. The official believes that Japan, for its part, can impose similar restrictions: “I’m very open to dialogue and discussion that will uncover any omissions or blind spots that we haven’t addressed.”.

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