The NAND flash market will be saturated in Q3

The NAND flash market will be saturated in Q3 – consumer SSDs will fall slightly in price

TrendForce has released its forecast for the global NAND flash market for the third quarter of this year. Analysts assume that prices for relevant products will either remain unchanged or decrease slightly compared to the second quarter of 2022.

    Image source: Micron

Image source: Micron

TrendForce estimates that the NAND industry will experience a flood between July and September. This is due to the ongoing pandemic, high inflation and the current geopolitical situation. Against this background, sales of smartphones in particular have declined. In addition, demand for consumer laptops and Chromebooks with solid state drives has decreased.

In this regard, prices for eMMC and UFS flash modules used in cellular devices, as well as for client SSDs, will decrease by 3-8% in the next quarter compared to the second quarter of this year. Then, however, solid-state drive production will gradually return to previous volumes. This is how Kioxia and WDC increase the production of NAND memory month after month.

    Image source: TrendForce

Image source: TrendForce

For enterprise SSDs, orders from large data centers remain stable and stock levels are not too high. These factors contribute to sustainable growth and therefore prices will not change in the third quarter.

In general, TrendForce points out, the cost of NAND flash memory in the world market will decrease by 0-5% in the next quarter of the year.

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