The most popular passwords of 2022 are named it

The most popular passwords of 2022 are named – it takes less than a second to crack the worst options

The NordPass service has published an annual anti-rating of the 200 most common password options in the user environment, indicating how long it takes a hacker to crack each of them. The website states that time is relative and depends on many parameters.

    Image source: NordPass

Image source: NordPass

On the company website can be downloaded Anti-ratings of previous years – from 2019 to 2021. It turned out that if in 2019 the most popular password was 12345, used by 2,812,220 users, later on the web they switched to a “stronger” password 123456, used in 2021 has already been used by 103,170,552 users, and 2022 Palm went to the password option, which according to the available data is used by 4,929,113 people from the analyzed database.

The results are not absolute: Every year, the popularity of NordPass passwords is measured using databases of cybersecurity specialists, and the figures given can only indicate the magnitude of the problem. For example, service partners have analyzed a database of 3 TB in the current year.

    Image source: NordPass

Image source: NordPass

Data from 30 countries were evaluated. In addition to the password, the top ten anti-ratings include 123456, 123456789, guest, qwerty, 12345678, 111111, 12345, col123456, and foreign countries are not included in this list.

In mid-October it was reported that Google had started rolling out passwordless sign-in to Chrome and Android, and this feature is likely to roll out to major internet platforms in the foreseeable future.

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