The most anticipated games of 2022

The most anticipated games of 2022

ONE pest story: requiem

genre adventure
developer Asobo Studio
editor Focus on home interactive
Release date 2022 year
Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

In the sequel, A Plague Tale: Innocence, the main characters – Amicia and Hugo – travel south in search of a better life. However, there are again adventures waiting for them, including in connection with the ancestral curse of Hugo, which, according to prophecy, can come to an end on a mysterious island.

The most anticipated games of 2022

Players will once again be faced with medieval landscapes and supernatural abilities, but most of all the rats will return and it will be even more than before. Therefore, the game will not come out on the last generation of consoles – the developers want to show entire clouds of rodents in tense scenes. And to make them look more convincing, the authors examined the behavior of large groups of rats in real life and transferred their habits into play. Even a single rat can be very dangerous.

The game will continue to offer both stealth and open combat. As Amicia has grown and matured since Part One, her arsenal has expanded – now she has access to a crossbow and new techniques. And the trailer above suggests that she may have super powers too, just like Hugo.

#dune: Spice up Wars

genre strategy
developer Shiro games
editor Funcom
Release date 2022 year
Platforms Pc

After the successful premiere of the film “Dune”, there was again lively talk about Frank Herbert’s universe. Appeared on the horizonand fresh games based on his books. The first is Dune: Spice Wars, a 4X strategy game from the writers at Northgard. The bottom line is simple: we lead the faction and take control of the planet Arrakis.

1641157857 965 The most anticipated games of 2022

The game will be released in Steam Early Access first, so the content will be limited. Although there are four characters (as well as factions) available, there will only be two initially – Duke Leto Atreides and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. No matter who you play as an ornithopter to explore a desert planet, collect resources, discover settlements, build buildings and solve problems with enemies – the methods you choose will have political ramifications.

You cannot do without a giant sandworm that can destroy your soldiers and destroy equipment for collecting valuable resources. The player is offered to play Spice Wars on the “official” map created from the books as well as on a randomly generated version of the planet. So that the place doesn’t turn into a dreary desert in which nothing happens, the authors consulted a geologist – individual parts of the map are visually and playfully varied.

#God of war: Ragnarok

genre action
developer SCE Santa Monica
editor Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date 2022 year
Platforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

In the sequel to The Best According to The Game Awards Games 2018Kratos and Atreus must visit nine kingdoms and find allies there. Indeed, very soon a bloody battle will begin and Ragnarok will come, for which the armies of Asgard are preparing with all their might.

The most anticipated games of 2022

At the same time, the topic of father and child will continue to develop, to which the first part was entirely dedicated. The matured Atreus will try to understand what his real role is and what the prophecies say about him. And Kratos will have to choose – forget the past and become a real father to Atreus, or continue to worry about the possible repetition of old mistakes.

Very little is known about the gameplay. In the debut trailer you can see some innovations such as Atreus ‘ability to summon mythical creatures and a kind of grappling hook in Kratos’ arsenal. Maybe the locations will be more vertical than in the first part? A technological breakthrough shouldn’t be expected as the game has also been announced for PS4, but we hope that the gameplay of the sequel will not only differ from its predecessor in terms of new monsters.

#Homeworld 3

genre strategy
developer Blackbird Interactive
editor Transmission publication
Release date IV quarter. 2022 year
Platforms Pc

The second part of Homeworld was published in 2003. The series has been in suspended animation for a long time since then, until 2016 when a prequel called Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak was released by Blackbird Interactive Studio (founded by the same people who did Homeworld license plates). Now the team is working on a fully fledged third part.

1641157858 956 The most anticipated games of 2022

In it, the entire galaxy is in danger again, this time due to a malfunction of the hyperspace gate. The player has to command the fleet and fight opponents, to which problems like space storms and asteroid fields are added from time to time. One of Homeworld 3’s innovations – huge abandoned ships from an ancient civilization that the authors call “three-dimensional arenas for battles” – there you can arrange an ambush and hide from the chase.

The developers promise a full simulation of the ballistics, so that special attention must be paid to shelters and lines of fire and traces of impacting grenades remain on the ships of the fleet after each mission. When the main story ends, a new mode will become available with a series of random combat challenges and valuable rewards for completing them – you can take part in them both solo and in cooperative mode. The classic multiplayer, by the way, leads nowhere.

the Legend from Zelda: breath from that Wild 2

genre adventure
developer Nintendo
editor Nintendo
Release date 2022 year
Platforms Nintendo switch

The sequel to Breath of the Wild does not yet have an official name – as the developers explain, it contains a spoiler, the essence of which they do not want to reveal so early. Zelda rarely becomes direct sequels of previous games, but in this case, according to the authors, they had so many interesting ideas about expansions to Breath of the Wild that developing a full-fledged sequel was the most logical step.

1641157859 656 The most anticipated games of 2022

Since Nintendo is very reluctant to reveal details, fans have to take apart some trailers themselves. Someone spotted a connection to the old Zelds in the cutscenes, including the recently reissued Skyward Sword – wasn’t it ported to the Switch just last year? Someone studies the mysterious symbols on Link’s glove, which allows them to control and turn back time.

Fans also found a connection with Ocarina of Time – Link has long hair in some takes, and his face cannot be seen in those moments. Maybe the hero has to travel in time? Anyway, the sequel will be very ambitious, because besides the usual Hyrule we have to go to the sky and explore places in the clouds. Hopefully Switch can handle all of this.

#The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

genre Stealth action
developer Daedal entertainment
editor Nacon
Release date 2022 year
Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One

The team at Daedalic Entertainment, which has been creating 2D quests for more than ten years, has taken on a difficult project based on The Lord of the Rings. It will tell the story of Gollum while paying attention to the details of his life that could not be found in films or books.

1641157859 825 The most anticipated games of 2022

The game will be an action game with an emphasis on hidden passages. The measly Gollum fighter is so-so, so he will have to rely on agility and cunning to avoid detection. But it will be necessary to get rid of some enemies – then all sorts of ingenious methods will come into play.

As in the books, two personalities are united here in Gollum: an insidious villain and a prudent good man. How you play and the choices you make will affect your character’s personality – and likely the ending too. As the developers promise, the design of the levels will be open, so any problem can be solved in many ways – it all depends on the player’s wishes. Nobody drives past the pen, markers don’t flicker in front of their noses, and the surface is minimalist – I would like to believe that when you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, there is absolute order.

#Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

genre action
developer Ubisoft Pune, Ubisoft Mumbai
editor Ubisoft
Release date 2022 year
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Ubisoft has not thought of “Prince of Persia” for more than ten years, but in 2020 suddenly publishes a new game about him – Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time. It’s true, only visitors to VR zones in entertainment centers can pass it. Ordinary gamers enjoyed the announcement of a remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Although rather “satisfied” – the debut trailer was heavily criticized.

1641157860 624 The most anticipated games of 2022

The development is carried out by the teams from Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Mumbai – the company’s Indian branches that were previously only entrusted with porting to mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. So it’s no wonder that these teams didn’t manage to conquer such a serious and responsible project in one fell swoop – at least optically it looks rather weak. The audience did not accept Ubisoft’s comments on the author’s vision, which is why the publisher has already postponed the publication several times and cannot even give an approximate date.

Ubisoft promised to update the opponents’ scenery and models, re-record cinema videos, improve the soundtrack and soundtrack, make controls more convenient, and improve the animation of acrobatic stunts. The remake also planned to “sew” the old Prince of Persia in 1989, which was to be started from the menu. There has been no news about the project since the last transfer – there are suspicions that Ubisoft has shifted development to a more experienced team and that it will at least be something good.


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