The MMO shooter The Day Before will be postponed to

The MMO shooter The Day Before will be postponed to 2023 – the game will be transferred to a new engine

Mytona publishing house and developers from the Yakut studio Fntastic through the portal IGN announced the postponement of their open world survival MMO shooter The Day Before.

    Image source: Mytona

Image source: Mytona

Keep in mind that The Day Before was officially unveiled last January and until recently it was supposed to premiere on PC (Steam) on June 21st this year. The game was also planned for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S.

As has become known, the developers will not be on time for the scheduled date: The PC version of The Day Before will be postponed to March 1, 2023. The project’s editions for the current generation of consoles do not have any release dates yet.

The main reason for the delay was the transfer of The Day Before from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. As the authors note, UE5 is better suited for open-world gaming, which only benefits the project.

The Day Before is set in a pandemic-ravaged America overrun by bloodthirsty infected. Players must search for resources, fight monsters and take part in restoring society.

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