The Ministry of Digital Development proposed using the Unified Biometric

The Ministry of Digital Development proposed using the “Unified Biometric System” to protect sensitive objects

It became known that the Ministry of Digital Development has prepared a draft federal law on the state information system “Unified Biometric System” (GIS EBS), which, among other things, proposes to use a biometric system to identify people entering secure facilities. About that writes “Kommersant” with reference to the text of the relevant draft law.

    Image Source: / TheDigitalArtist

Image Source: / TheDigitalArtist

The agency proposes to use the EBS to identify people going through industrial defense, nuclear, nuclear, weapons, chemical enterprises, in the organization of transport infrastructure, on issues of critical information infrastructure, as well as on other objects, “the commission of a terrorist act on its territory may lead to emergency situations with dangerous socio-economic consequences”.

The status of GIS EBS received in December last year, when the relevant law was passed, and its operator is Rostelecom. From the launch of the EBS in 2019 to early 2022, only 236.4 thousand data samples were entered into the EBS. At the same time, commercial banks managed to collect 40 to 50 million unique fingerprints in their own biometric systems. You have to submit this to the EBS, but only 10% of the data collected by the banks meets the criteria.

It is noted that various departments and agencies are involved in the development of the bill, and that the processes for approving and adopting the initiative are expected to begin this fall. The Ministry of Digital Development emphasized that organizing access to sensitive facilities with the help of the EBS is voluntary. If an organization is unwilling to use biometrics, they can continue to use cards and ID cards.


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