The minimalist puzzle game Please Fix The Road will be

The minimalist puzzle game Please Fix The Road will be released in a regular and a pirate version

portal PC gamer notes that the Polish developer Ariel Jurkowski (Ariel Jurkowski) plans to publish his minimalist puzzle game Please Fix The Road, not only in the regular edition but also in the pirated version.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

According to Jurkowski, the official pirated copy will contain all levels at launch of Please Fix The Road, but will not be updated. However, this arrangement does not commit users to anything.

“When turned on, there’s also a pirate title theme, an alternate intro, a pirate face instead of a gear as the settings icon, and a prompt to buy the game in the options.”explained Yurkowski.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Yurkowski admitted that making games is hard and even harder to make money from: “I’m just trying to show people my game. I think the developer’s bootlegs are not only an interesting and amazing thing in and of themselves, but also consumer-oriented..

The unencumbered regular version of Please Fix The Road will likely hit torrent trackers shortly after release, but Yurkowski doesn’t care. He also “pirated” games as a child, so now he understands such people and will not be angry with them.

As you can imagine, Please Fix the Road offers road repairs. Each level has a limited number of tools that can be used to complete the task. The result doesn’t have to be pretty.

Please Fix the Road will go on sale in June this year steam, GOG and The game costs $10 at launch with a 10% discount for the first three days.


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