The Milan studio presented a fantasy soulful Enotria The Last

The Milan studio presented a fantasy soulful Enotria: The Last Song with huge bosses and the atmosphere of the Italian summer

Developers from the Milan studio Jyamma Games presented first gameplay trailer his action role-playing game Enotria: The Last Song. The game was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show under the codename Project Galileo.

    Image Credit: Jyamama Games

Image Credit: Jyamama Games

The creators warned that the video consists of fragments of the alpha version of the game and shows content that may not make it into the final version.

The events of Enotria: The Last Song take place in the fantasy world of Enotria, an alternate 16th-century Italy. According to the plot, a group of powerful characters managed to capture the story (story) on canvas that “unfolds and weaves the ever-changing tapestry of reality”, and create Canovaccio. The curse of the canvas has degraded the land, turning all residents into characters of the great game (game), forced to wear masks. The world has become “an empty, albeit beautiful, shell”.

The player takes on the role of a hero who was born outside of Canovaccio and uses his abilities to break the laws of the game. He will become “a force of change in a bright but cursed world”bend its reality to its will, meet with the creators of the screen and restore Enotria to its former glory. “In the big play, everyone – only one role, say the authors. — Take their essence and use their power against them.”

Users must explore Canovaccio, fight a variety of enemies, and create different character builds. The hero can be in two states that allow him to control the behavior of opponents, change the environment and solve puzzles.

According to the developers, the game differs from other soul likes in atmosphere “Italian Summer”, creating a warm color scheme. In contrast to the environment, some locations and enemies depicted in cold colors come into play. The aim of the authors is “Showcase Italy’s culture and rich past in a new way that will help reach a wider audience”.

Established in 2019, Jyamma Games has released four mobile games so far – Hi-Ball Rush, Matchy Catch, Cowzuuka and Go Down. Enotria: The Last Song will be their first major platform project. The action role-playing game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S and Nintendo Switch. Release dates are not given.

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