The Microsoft Edge Canary test build now has a button

The Microsoft Edge Canary test build now has a button to bring up Office services

Microsoft is actively testing ways to provide access to its applications and services directly from the Edge browser. The next step along this path was the appearance of the Microsoft Office Call Button in the canary assembly. It’s not enabled by default and probably just an experimental fix that might not be in the final release of the new version of Edge.

    Image Source: Leopeva64-2 / ​​Reddit

Image Source: Leopeva64-2 / ​​Reddit

The new control provides quick access from the Edge web browser to Microsoft Office applications or cloud-based versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive, and OneNote.

    Image source: Leopeva64-2

Image Source: Leopeva64-2 / ​​Reddit

By default, the button is disabled, but it can easily be enabled in the browser settings on the Appearance tab. That’s right, for this you need to download the latest experimental version of Edge and type in the address bar: edge://settings/appearance or find the appropriate settings manually.

The page allows you to enable or disable the Internet Explorer, Web Capture, Share, Games and other buttons that may appear to the right of the address bar.

The latest build of Microsoft Edge Canary, in its current incarnation, redirects to an online service on when you select one of the icons. In the future, the company may add other tools from its portfolio to the corresponding panel. So far, the function is only available to a limited number of users.


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