The MEB platform enables Volkswagen to increase the range of

The MEB+ platform enables Volkswagen to increase the range of electric vehicles to 700 km and reduce charging times

At the end of the week, the European automaker Volkswagen summarized a three-year presence in the market for electric vehicles built on the first generation MEB platform. It has already brought to life more than 670,000 electric vehicles of various brands, half a million of which belong to the popular Volkswagen ID family. It was said along the way that ten new models of electric vehicles will appear on the upgraded MEB+ platform by 2026.

    Image source: Volkswagen

Image source: Volkswagen

In the future, the MEB platform in its current form will be used for the production of 10 million vehicles, but in the second generation it will allow the creation of cars with a range of up to 700 km and the ability to use charging stations with capacity from 175 to 200 kW reduces the charging time. The MEB+ platform will be based on a new generation of batteries, about which there is no further information. Significant improvements in the implementation of active driver assistance functions are proposed.

About 12 models of electric vehicles based on the MEB platform are currently being produced, but by 2026 at least ten new products based on MEB+ will be presented. A low-cost model of an electric car worth 25,000 euros, promised earlier for 2025, will also use the MEB+ platform. With good scalability at the same time, on its basis you can create high-speed electric vehicles for the premium market segment.

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