The meaning of the name changes in the combat system

The meaning of the name, changes in the combat system and the morale indicator: the authors of the action Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty shared new details

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty producers Fumihiko Yasuda and Masaaki Yamagiwa in an interview IGN shared additional details of the game.

    Image Credit: Koei Tecmo

Image Credit: Koei Tecmo

Keep in mind that the events of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will unfold in a fantasy version of the late Han. Specifically, the game will tell about the Yellow Turban Rebellion. A subtitle is associated with this event, referring to the fall of the Han Dynasty.

An important role in the plot is played by the protagonist – a nameless militia. headline where long (crouching dragon translated from Chinese) symbolizes the period in the life of the hero before he became famous.

    Where Long becomes a

Wo Long will be an “incredibly challenging and demanding game”

According to Yasuda, the combat system in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be similar to that in Nioh, but with some changes: there will be no different stances and stamina bars, but it will be possible to jump.

The morale mechanic mentioned in the announcement press release was the result of a military environment. The hero and enemies have a morale indicator that changes depending on their success on the battlefield, affecting gameplay.

    Game development started in 2019

Game development started in 2019

The developers also mentioned that Wo Long will have a linear structure, more vertical and spacious levels, hero customization, a pumping system and some kind of multiplayer (at least co-op) component.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is expected to release on PC in early 2023 (steam, Microsoft store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. From day one, the game will also be available to Game Pass subscribers (PC and Xbox).

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