The Matter smart home protocol has been updated to version

The Matter smart home protocol has been updated to version 1.1 – no new devices have appeared in it

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) is responsible for the universal smart home protocol reported about the release of its updated version of Matter 1.1. It mainly contains technical innovations – the development and certification of new products has been simplified.

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None of the previously promised new types of devices showed up in Matter: robotic vacuums, home appliances, garage door controllers, surveillance cameras; There are no updated options to add devices to multiple platforms. But CSA announced the opening of its own Matter unit test center in Portland, Oregon, and developers can download the Matter 1.1 specification and Matter 1.1 SDK tools today. The only notable update was probably a fix for a bug that caused online and work devices to show as offline in platform apps.

According to the CSA, 1,135 products have already passed Matter certification, although not all of them are commercially available yet – many of them fall into the category of devices not included in the list of available products. Despite the fact that the Matter protocol is designed to ensure compatibility with the largest smart home platforms, it is still quite difficult to add the same devices to control applications from different developers – a component dedicated to a platform, still reluctant to work with another, notes the resource. The edge. The matter code on the device can only be used to pair with one platform. To add a component to the second, code must be retrieved from the first.

The CSA organization is committed to releasing updates twice a year, so expect the next update next fall – new features and device types are promised, but that promise has been made before.


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