The makers of the Apollo app have added the

The makers of the Apollo app have added the axolotl to the Dynamic Island section

Although official sales of the new iPhone 14 have just started, developers have already started to find interesting options for using the Dynamic Island cutout on the screens of Apple smartphones. For example, Christian Selig, author of a popular Reddit client called Apollo, has implemented a new feature in his app that will add a Tamagotchi-like virtual animal to the Dynamic Island area.

    Image source: MacRumors

Image source: MacRumors

We’re talking about a new feature called Pixel Pals that will be available to users of the Apollo application after installing the next update. This feature adds a fun animated animal to the dynamic island area at the top of the screen that appears when the user interacts with the app. You can choose one of the available pets including cat, dog, hedgehog, fox and axolotl.

Pixel Pals is supported on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Owners of the basic versions of the smartphone can add a virtual pet as a widget on the lock screen (provided the device is running iOS 16). Note that Selig isn’t the only developer looking for ways to use the Dynamic Island screen space. Hit the Island is now available on the App Store and uses the new iPhone notch as a ping-pong-like game element.

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