The Ma prototype Quest 3 headset turned out to be

The M**a prototype Quest 3 headset turned out to be “much thinner and lighter” than the Quest 2

Meta Headset Inspection* Quest 3, which fell into the hands of well-known Bloomberg tech journalist Mark Gurman, revealed that the device, codenamed Eureka, is “much lighter and thinner” than the Meta headset.* Quest 2 – this suggests that the new product, due to premiere in October, will be significantly more comfortable to wear in the long run.

    *** Quest Pro and *** Quest 2. Image Source: ***

Meta* Quest Pro and Meta* Quest 2. Image Source: Meta*

Gurman says many of Quest 3’s features live up to expectations of Apple’s upcoming Reality Pro AR/VR headset. Specifically, it’s about tracking hand movements and the ability to view the world in pass-through mode using external headset cameras. At the same time, the Apple headset is rumored to cost $3,000, which is pricey for even the most advanced models on the market today.

In the meta* The Quest 3’s price has yet to be decided, but it will cost significantly more than the current $400 Quest 2 headset, which “may remain on sale” alongside the new device. However, the new model is expected to be cheaper than the flagship Quest Pro, which launched last fall at $1,500 and dropped to $1,000 in March.

In February Meta staff* reported that Quest 3 will be more expensive than its predecessor and “you have to prove to people that all the new features are worth it.” As of February, Meta* has already sold 20 million Quest headsets. Additionally, management promised even then that the new device would be lighter and offer a more “natural” experience, allowing you to literally “drink coffee” without removing the headset and stay in it much longer than the Quest 2 allows . The new headset’s controllers don’t have rings specific to Quest 2 and are more reminiscent of the variant sold for Quest Pro.

In addition, it is reported that the chipset of the upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 headset will offer significantly better performance. In addition, it is known that Quest 3 will not have eye tracking. We’re talking about ‘foveal rendering’ – a technology present in the Sony PSVR 2 – it reduces image quality where the user isn’t looking, thereby reducing the load on the processor. Unlike Quest 2, the new meta headset variant* Get more sensors. On the front of the Quest 3 there are three zones with sensors. In the left and right zones there is a color camera that works in pass-through mode to be able to see the world around you, as well as a standard camera. In comparison, Quest 2 only has two monochrome cameras. In addition, a depth sensor is placed in the central zone, a first for Quest headsets. Once boss of Meta* Mark Zuckerberg promised a depth sensor would appear in the Quest Pro, but it was never added to the final version.

The cameras at the bottom front of the headset are used for monitoring the environment and movements, at the bottom of the front panel there is a volume control and a wheel with which one can mechanically adjust the position of the displays according to the interpupillary distance. The system is much more comfortable than in the Quest 2, since you have to remove the headset to adjust it.

According to Gurman, with ordinary optics, the “end-to-end” video practically does not differ from the image of the real world, and he even managed to operate a smartphone without removing the headset. This is important as many have complained that the image quality leaves something to be desired with different headsets in AR mode. At the same time, Gurman said the picture generally doesn’t look any clearer than previous Meta headsets.*despite rumors that the new product will get a higher resolution display.

* It is included in the list of public associations and religious organizations for which the court made a final decision to liquidate or ban activities on the grounds provided for in Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 “On Combating Extremists”. has met activity”.

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