The Linux kernel update could physically damage a laptops display

The Linux kernel update could physically damage a laptop’s display on an Intel processor

According to network sources, Linux kernel version 5.19.12 can disable the displays of laptops with Intel processors at the hardware level. The problem is caused by a bug in the graphics driver that causes the display to have power-up delays and the backlight not working properly, which can result in physical damage to the display.

    Image Credit: Junior Teixeira / Pexels

Image Credit: Junior Teixeira / Pexels

According to the available data, the problem is expressed in the appearance of bright flickering of the screen backlight with a high frequency. If the screen with such a violation works for a long time, then it simply becomes unusable. This is one of the few instances where a non-overclocking software update can physically damage computer components. According to the source, the problem affects all laptops with Intel processors, where the displays are connected directly to the integrated graphics.

Luckily, the Linux developer community reacted quickly to this problem. An update has already been released for the Linux kernel that fixes all problems found in the graphics driver. Linux kernel version 5.19.13 is already available for everyone to download. Anyone who has not yet managed to install the problematic update is advised not to do so.


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