The Linux Foundation has decided to build its own Metaverse

The Linux Foundation has decided to build its own Metaverse – open and free

The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization, has announced plans to create an open-source metaverse platform that has the potential to do so “as powerful as the World Wide Web”when companies, developers and foundations come together to achieve common goals.

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The new project is called Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) and is already divided into so-called interest groups, each of which is dedicated to its own topic. Key areas include transaction technology, virtual worlds and simulations, network solutions, security and privacy issues, and legal and political issues.

OMF Managing Director Royal O’Brien explainedthat within the framework of the new project, conditions will be created to discuss, define and develop “building blocks” for bringing the metaverse into reality – digital assets, simulations, transactions, artificial intelligence algorithms and other solutions will be part of it.

The Linux Foundation aims to be a neutral environment for developers to share code and collaborate on innovative ideas. The non-profit organization has an extensive portfolio of technology harmonization projects, including the OpenWallet Foundation, which will help solve the digital wallet compatibility issue.

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